Order Food Scrap Bags

These food scrap bags are required to participate in the program. Other compostable bags will not be identified in the sorting process.

To use, collect your food scraps in the food scrap bag. Once a week, or when the bag is full, tie the bag shut with a knot (like you would a balloon). Place the food scrap bag inside your trash cart or dumpster for collection.

Quantity: 60 bags

Price: Free

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Common Questions

Product Details

  • BPI-certified, 100% compostable food scrap bags.
  • Designed with thicker and more durable material specifically for the Food Scraps Pickup Program.
  • Households get 60 free bags. It is recommended that you change food scrap bags about once a week. This supply should last you about a year.

Product Size

  • In testing, the 6-gallon was the preferred size for most households.
  • Larger households and those that cook at home frequently may prefer the larger, 13-gallon bags.
  • See examples of home set up and collection tips.

Need More Bags?

  • If you need additional food scrap bags within a year of ordering your annual supply, log into your account or call customer service at 651-661-9393 to place another bag order.
  • You will be prompted to complete a survey that will help the Food Scraps Pickup Program learn more about bag use. Once you complete the survey you will be able to place a second bag order.
  • Residents that have placed more than 2 bag orders within a year will be contacted by staff before receiving additional orders.